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0.15% Hourly Forever
Gain 3.6% Daily

DAYS ONLINE :   16   ACTIVE MEMBER :   1708   VISITORS ONLINE :   40   ACTIVE DEPOSIT :   Ƀ 55.90120824

Start with as little as 0.001 BTC, with an optional principal withdrawal available after the first 30 days, where just a 10% fee will be applied.

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  •   Hourly Income
  • Daily Profit
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  • 0.15%per hour
  • 0.00000150btc
  • 3.6%per day0.00003600btc
  • 25.2%per week0.00025200btc

Beyond the Ordinary

We offer a wide range of services, designed to help Bitcoin miners invest their Bitcoins at great interest rates.

Automatic Interest Rates

You don’t have to do anything after making your first deposits. Your hourly interests are automatically added to your account.
Minimum deposit : 0.001 BTC.



One thing that makes us stand out from other Bitcoin mining platforms is we offer 0.15% hourly forever. And withdrawals with no fees.
Minimum cashout : 0.0005 BTC.


Safe & Secure

Dedicated servers, secured and encrypting with CloudFlare protection.
All information processed on our website is encrypted with SSL powered by Comodo.

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user-friendly mining platform

BITCOIN-PURPLE LTD is a Bitcoin mining company, founded in 2017. We are based in London and have in our employ investment professionals from many industries, ranging from advanced computer technology to engineering.

As a Bitcoin mining company, we have just one goal – to provide a user-friendly investment platform that will assist our investors in making good investment decisions. And because of this, we make use of a state-of-the-art platform with an extensive infrastructure.

About Us

Affiliate & Representatives Program

We have an affiliate program, which our members can use to earn more BitCoins by referring people to our system. An active deposit is not required. All you need is an account with us, and you’re ready to earn.

reward members, who share our investment platform

The affiliate program was created to reward members, who share our investment platform with their friends and colleagues. When you refer other people to our amazing investment opportunity, you earn 5% from their active deposits.

The Representative program is an advanced form of the normal affiliate program. With the representative program, you earn 10% in affiliate commission, instead of 5% as our affiliate. Learn more how to become representative.

Join Representatives
5% Regular
10% Representatives

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